Join us and live in peace

// 02.08.2014

 Greetings everyone!

We welcome u to join the international family-friendly community of gamers, playing the wide variety of sci-fi and fantasy games.

What do we have:

- regular events in different sci-fi and fantasy games;
- web-platform for out-of-game communication, advanced event-planning and notification systems;
- constant trainings;
- interesting jobs and roles for experienced players;
- education for newbies;
- friendly trolling in alliance chat;
- Alliance Council, making all decisions collectivley;
- any kind of help for active players, including financial for the most loyal.

Our requirements:

- adequateness, politeness, willing to learn and good motivation to play your role on a battlefield properly;
- a bit of a free time for Alliance events;
- troll resistance level over 90%;

- being family-friendly guy;

Alliance main goal is development of good teamwork and high level of all players' involvement in achievement of common goals. We maintain status quo towards all communities in every social game except ones who show intolerable hostility, which we are able to protect ourselves from.

Join now and you will invest your time in the development of your skills and fun in large international community, fundamentally represented in both games and both EU and US timezones.

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