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Thanks for providing this platform and service. I know from experience that this takes some effort. As I haven´t found the option yet I consider it is missing: can we have a personal signature for the forums?

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#366 // 04:01 03.11.2014Quote
Yes, as well as built-in post editor, signatures is being developed, I suppose, by our webmaster, who is the creator of Districts Overview and this site (shandybin). All gratitude goes to him. It's a pity he abandoned DUST for some time. I hope to get him back in 1.9 as well as 40 of other my proto players.

Thank you for the good feedback. We are not planning to stop development of this service. I still want to make private messages and user profiles as well as user blogs here, so we can switch our players from the flood and trash talking of official forums to this clear environment.

My be some more useful tools like Districts Overview will come up later. We had fitter and skill planner in development, but abandoned it like CCP did with DUST a year ago :D Any assistance is appreciated.

Best regards, Ael

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#481 // 05:10 22.01.2015Quote
Signatures has been enabled. Find it in your profile by clicking your name in upper left corner of the page and follow to 'forum signature' section.