Brad (DRE)

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This is to go out to all members in in-game mail dust side! All directors and ceo's please take the responsibility of getting this out to your entire corp! No more "I didn't know" bs?!

Loyalty store, Amarr, equipment.
Imperial viziam drop uplink is the fastest uplink in the game bar none! The 5,312 isk 150LP one!
The Aurum version is the abyss carthum if you really bout that life!

They have a -47.50% spawn timer, but the Aurum variant has max 5 spawns while the imperial version has 15 spawns. The imperial is all you truly need. It carries max 3 active 2. The aurum is max carry 2 active 1.

5.00 % spawn timers are also very good! They vary from 3 to 5 second spawns. Can spawn between 10 to 20 spawns. Carry 3 active 2. Viziam quantum drop can spawn 25! Viziam gauged drop is carry 3 active 3! Viziam Flux drop is -21.30% spawn timer! They all vary, but all the proto ones are good! No advanced links allowed in PC!!! There are enough proto ones available!! 12 second links just get wiped out before your help can spawn!!! This is very important! You can drop a max of 7 proto links on one spam logi fit with 3 equipment slots! 9 with 4 equipment slots for max spam! No more bs EXCUSES! Logis and scouts need to max their links to lvl 5 now!! o7