Passive benefits and the bonus you think you don't need?


Brad (DRE)

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Every merc in dust who plans to run in PC, or do well in battle in general, must focus more on profiency and upgrades. We are discovering that alot of new mercs see the proto variant suit and weapon, and spend their first 3 or 4 million acquiring just that?! They will have the dropsuit and weapon proto, but no upgrades?! You must understand how much you are Hendering your performance by doing this.

Dropsuit Armor Upgrades: 5
Dropsuit Biotic Upgrades: 5
Dropsuit Core Upgrades: 5
Dropsuit Shield Upgrade: 5

This will take your base stats to their max level per suit. This makes sure you don't require tons of armor, speed, or shield upgrades to survive. This will drive cost down, and leave more room for truly needed mods. On the Gallente assault the my base armor and shield is 344 armor/194 shield. I can honestly run with just that without adding the armor and shield mods. I can run all speed and damage mods in the lows and highs. Your base core skill upgrades are very important! You must take the time to read the info on all things you purchase and spec into.

The sub categories: Armor plates, armor repair, etc. give you percentage bonuses to their attributes. The same goes for shields and biotics. My base run speed at biotics level 5 is 7.35! This is before any speed mods are added. With core upgrades at 5 you can go into electronics and engineering. Which leads into precision, dampening, and range amplification. Once these are maxxed your CPU/PG fitting capabilities are greater. Your precision, range, and damp give a base percentage that can be beneficial without mods.

All of these upgrades make that proto suit better before the first mod is added, gives your tacnet better vision which makessentially your situational awareness better, and improves overall performance. Don't sleep on the dropsuit upgrades section.

Bad Pinup

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I highly approve of this message.


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And so do I. Fortunately with the incoming changes to SP reward system people should be able to acquire those much more easily. It is obvious that whatever role people run its best to simply have all of these maxed out, but its is unreasonable to expect people to have all these right away, especially since we are talking about those 'fresher' players. Itd be good to make a list of which skills hold a greater priority for which classes to support those fresh players i.e. a person running logistics simply must have Core, Core Engineering and Core Electronics all at level 5. Of course Core shields and Core armor allow them to use more important modifications on their suit than just stacking health and Biotics helps to keep up with that heavy youre trying to repair, but even so being able to carry the high tier equipment can still be argued to have the highest priority.

I propose this: After a short discussion here we will make a short guide of 'which skills are more important than others' for each class. Its not like we have to only talk about the Core skills either, or force someone to get a lvl5 in one skills before letting them move on to another skill. Sometimes lvl4 or 3 is enough for while and those points can be distributed a little bit better allowing for steady induction and a learning curve for a person learning to run a role. It might also be useful to specify above which level is a class suitable for participating in PC. With this many people in alliance we are allowed to be picky.

If we go ahead with the idea for a guide than lets start with Logistics suits. Racial differences can be considered negligible or adressed generally as: lvlX in the racial eq skill. If unsure consult X skill description for details.