Bradric's Friendly mails on defense and offense


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I thought that it is worth of publishing here cuz ingame mail where Brad posted it initially is not a static source of information, and such useful text should be placed where every alliance member can find it.

So, here it is:

A friendly mail on defense

Too often are we seeing the wrong roles attemping to defend points. Defensive roles, in my opinion, are amarr and gallente dropsuits. They have bonuses directly linked to defense. The amarr assault are armor tankers, and slow with high dmg weapons. They are great for open are with overhead cover. The amarr weaponry is built to hold enemies at bay, and deal devastating dmg to those who don't take cover. The gallente assault is faster than the amarr, but still capable of tank regen/armor and CQC weapon fire.

The areas these two suits should focus on, regardless of build, is around points of interest. Supply depots, CRU's, objectives, etc. They can be built for run and gun tactics, but excel defensively. Those new to the game should focus on defense if in these dropsuits. The amarr and gallente support roles are also defensive. Logistics, scout, heavy, and cmdo all excel defensively. The environment plays a large role for these dropsuits. Cover, avenues of approach, exit/entry, etc. Try to focus on these things.

When building squads for point defense on inside CQC points, roles that come to mind are almost always gal and amarr. For example: Rings city point defense. Heavies are Amarr and gallente w/Boundless and burst hmg. Amarr and gal scouts w/high precision and speed. Amarr and gal Logi with armor tank, speed links, and scanner precision. Those should be the base of any city point defense squad. You "CAN" incorporate other roles, but they will be lacking defensively.

A friendly mail on offense

environments, and tactics. Again, this info is for dveryone, but primarily for our newer players in the alliance. Please keep all comments about the subject so we help our brothers learn. The Caldari and Minmatar! These two races excel offensively because of speed and strong shield regen capabilities. They can engage, disengage, and re-engage with a high success rate. They need little logistical support.

A squad of 3 to 6 assaults and scouts of these to races can clear any area not properly defended, pin down a team of mercs to an area, or be setup to swiftly deal with a vehicle threat. The environments they thrive in vary, and range from CQC to longe range. The Caldari is the strongest shield dominant race specializing in long range armor based rail tech weaponry. They can keep an enemy group pinned down on offense, and at bay for a brief period defensively.

The Minmatar are masters of speed and dmg delivery. They specialize in alpha dmg weapons that can clear any well defended position. Mass drivers, remote explosives, nova knives, combat rifles, hmg's, etc. They can close distance quickly to deliver devastating effects regardless of class. They are at a disadvantaged in open long range areas. If running these suits cover and corners are your friend.

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