Other games to play together


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#264 // 02:56 16.10.2014Quote
Does anyone even play something except DUST and/or EVE? :D

I do. I like Star Citizen and Elite on PC, Destiny on PS3 and every sci-fi project on the market. We can share ID's here and form up a truly multi-gaming community.


#290 // 21:42 25.10.2014Quote
On PSStore there is a range of F2P titles which should within everyone's reach. Some more popular ones are:
-Ace Combat Infinity (flying combat airplanes, skill tree system similar to Dust but simpler, lobbys up to 8 players)
-Defiance (only available through US PSStore but can be downloaded as long as you have a PSN account registered on US region, sci-fi open world RPG third person shooter with squad system similar to Dust, clans can be made)
-Tekken Revolution (classic Tekken, just online) and Soul Calibur Forgotten Swords (same)

Dust is definitely the biggest F2P on PSStore atm. Available to PS4 only is also the Warframe which a very fast paced sci fi shooter.

If any new noteworthy titles show up I will post them here.

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#295 // 04:09 26.10.2014Quote
DUST is the best F2P shooter so far, as for me. Strange it has so little attention both from players and developers...

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Is anyone planning on playing AC Unity on the PS4? I just preordered my copy

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#361 // 20:48 02.11.2014Quote
Destiny on PS3 for me.

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#368 // 04:15 03.11.2014Quote
Star Citizen is gonna be insane. http://www.youtube.c.../watch?v=cir3w-wIx9U

I will definitely try that. If someone will join me there - I'd be happy.