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// 06.12.2013

Some word from CCP Eterne about our  tool, created by RUST415 Alliance members.


Knowing who controls territory is something that is important in the cutthroat world of Planetary Conquest. But while that can be looked up pretty simply, what about other stuff? Want to know who is getting attacked and when? Want to see what a district's reinforcement timer is? All of this information and more can be difficult to find. But there's a tool that provides all this information, the handy Districts Overview. Information Overload The Districts Overview tool was created through a combined effort of Aeris Dae, Shandybin, and Tremal Jack. The three of them wanted to create tool to help their corp members quickly check out the status of the different districts in DUST 514. Seeing the potential of the tool, they also decided to release it to the community to enable them to have an overview of the universe. The tool works by retrieving the information about the districts from DUST 514's CREST API. Pages with empty tables are then created for each hour of the day. The tool then checks the district's reinforce time and puts its information in the correct table. This information is automatically pulled twice per day to referesh the information. When sorting the information, the code recalls the pages with the same hours and displays the relevant tables. The constellation filter is managed by JQuery. When a constellation is selected, JQuery checks each table's line to see if it contains the selected constellation's name. If it's not present, the line is hidden to keep it from being displayed. Development Aeris Dae, Shandybin, and Tremal Jack are the primary creators and maintainers of the tool. Tremal is the one currently in charge of modifying the tool. In real life, he works primarily on stand-alone software (such as Python and C++) and not web tools, but when he doesn't know anything, he goes to search and learns fast. It took some time to develop the tool and work is ongoing! There are several plans for expanding the tools, such as adding a planet filter and a corporation filter. There are also some development being done for internal use as well. About the Developer Tremal has been playing DUST 514 since the Mordu's Private Trials beta test. He played EVE Online for seven years and followed the news about DUST closely. When he began the Private Trials, he was the only Italian playing, but soon two of his friends began to play. When the public beta opened, they formed their own Italian corporation, the Eliters, which eventually opened up to all people. They eventually joined the RUST415 alliance. In game, he is the CEO of the Eliters and Eliters Academy, leading the corps Planetary Conquest projects. In real life, he is a bartender and when he is off work, he does programming, video-editing, and creates websites. Final Thoughts If you're interested in Planetary Conquest, or even want some quick intel on who might be a target you can attack, check out the Districts Overview tool. It's quite useful and impressive! Tremal and the Eliters want to do everything they can to help the community grow. You can find them all over DUST, fighting in matches both for fun and for the goal of Planetary Conquest!

Community Spotlight: Districts Overview

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