About RUST

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The reason why I called upon you to visit this site is pretty simple. We believe that all like-minded organizations should cooperate and fight side by side for what is rigthly theirs. RUST415 DUST+EVE League stands for gameplay, which is interesting and mutually advantageous for all participants. We are intended to establish effective cooperation between different Alliances and Corporations in space and on land. RUST415 could serve you as a platform for cooperation.

We all know about porblem of time zones + lag wars. And we believe that we should overcome it together.

RUST415 as community already gained interest and participation of such well-organised and powerfull Alliances as Smile 'n' Wave and Darkness of Despair. We are going to establish major foothold in Minmatar low-sec for future global operations. This determine our policies in FW.

I encourage you to take part in the nearest future of this Universe with us.

Here are the points of interest for our conference:

1. Goals which your community pursues
2. Common goals which we can reach for the advantage of all participants
3. Form of global cooperation (fleets, armies, administration, council e.t.c.)
4. Common policies and strategies (war policies, communication sites e.t.c.)

Please feel free to post here your answers.

Preferred time-frame for voice conference in DUST/EVE is 14:00-23:00 ET