Alliance Charter

Realizing necessity of specific rules' management for the sake of bright future and development of our community, we, the players, set Alliance RUST415 and accept its order.

I. Alliance

1.1 Alliance RUST415 hereinafter mentioned as "Alliance" or "The Alliance" is a free voluntary union of the players with open membership.

1.2 Alliance membership of new players and corporations can be limited only by decision of administration of the Alliance in case of introduction of special provisions.

II. Alliance goals

2.1 Alliance in its activity pursues development of gaming union in EVE Online and Dust514 as well as in other games, for the joint recreation, interesting and useful communication.

2.2 Alliance is willing to cooperate with every and such gaming unions ready for it on the basis of mutual honesty and respect.

2.3 Evolution and realization of Alliance ideals is a main goal.

III. Code of honor

3.1 Alliance participants undertake the duty to respect their colleagues and opponents on same basis, maintain high moral standards of behavior during the gameplay experience and strive to develop and achieve goals of the Alliance.

3.2 Alliance members are prohibited to insult each other or by their behaviour jeopardize the success of a teamplay.

3.3 Members of the Alliance undertake the duty of acting in the best interests of the Alliance, providing all possible assistance to their peers and Alliance.

3.4 Members undertake the duty of providing accurate and complete information about their achievements and sharing useful information with their colleagues.

3.5 Honor, dignity and high morale - the inherent attributes of the soldier of the Alliance. 

IV. Fees and contributions

4.1 Leadership of the Alliance reserves the right to grant in arbitrary form to the participants of the Alliance, remuneration in accordance with their merits of participating in battles and the overall rating. 

4.2 Members can make voluntary contributions in any size to the capital of the Alliance.

4.3 Remuneration and fees as well as their importance is determined by Alliance state of affairs.

V. State of affairs of the Alliance

5.1 Alliance operates in the following regimes:

• Ordinary

• Full mobilization

• Special

5.2 Ordinary regime provides normal everyday activity of the Alliance in accordance with its objectives.

5.3 Full mobilization regime can be declared by decision of the Alliance administration in accordance with the majority of the Alliance members. Absence of the objections to such cause is considered approval by default. Leadership of the Alliance shall notify everyone about declaration of full mobilization. Full mobilization is declared to achieve primary tactical goals of the Alliance such as conquest of the territories or facilities, acquisition of large amount of equipment and participation in battles among others.

5.3.1 Full mobilization regime imposes mandatory fees and charges as well as specific requierments for the participants online presence. Mandatory reward is due for each participant of the battle in a size of 30% of his income resulting from the battle less the amount of the mandatory contribution. Mandatory fee is set at 30% of the income of the Alliance party, obtained in the course of any event.

5.3.2 Schedule of battles is determined by Alliance administration based on individual wishesand possibilites of all members.

5.3.3 In case of declaratiion of full mobilization, all Alliance members must gather into a single unit as much as possible at the appointed time.

5.4 Special regime provides a limited set of new members approval into the Alliance.

5.4.1 Limited set is meant as a complicated, relatively to normal, procedure of the adoption of new members for whom the terms are set separately.

VI. Responsibility

6.1 All members of Alliance including the founders and appointed leadership are responsible for implementation of this statute.

6.2 For violation of the statute of the Alliance, leadership shall have the right to apply disciplinary action on its sole discretion from suspension up to expulsion from the Alliance.