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Snake-007 // 23:38 15.09.2016
I know its been a while, I have found a new home that is looking for an alliance and I remember you guys, but haven't seen really anyone active on here? so is anyone around still// Active (540)
Посетитель Гость // 05:10 22.01.2015
Signatures has been enabled. Find it in your profile by clicking your name in upper left corner of the page and follow to 'forum signature' section.// Re: Signature (481)
Посетитель Гость // 04:15 03.11.2014
Star Citizen is gonna be insane. will definitely try that. If someone will join me there - I'd be happy.// Re: Other games to play together (368)
Посетитель Гость // 04:01 03.11.2014
Yes, as well as built-in post editor, signatures is being developed, I suppose, by our webmaster, who is the creator of Districts Overview and this site (shandybin). All gratitude goes to him. It's a pity he abandoned DUST for some time. I hope to...// Re: Signature (366)